Thank you for e-mailing us ,Mr.Kandel.
Dear Mr.KANDEL  thank you for e-mailing us, Mr. Kandel. Unfortunately , you can not use as restaurant this property that you asked us .   Please e-mail us again. Thank you.
Thank you for e-mailing Mr, fazal
If you have any question .Please ask me ,  you can call me direct to my cellphone.
Thank you for mailing us.Mr Lai
Dear Mr Lai. OK I will look for buyer for your house. so when contract,you can come to Japan? and how many real estate company in Japan do you request now? Best regards,
thank you , Mr. Lai.
Thank you for mailing us, Mr. Lai. I will e-mail you  a few days later .Please say hello to your family.
Thank you for contacting us,Ms Grace.
Please say hello to your company's employees that lives in Taipei. ŠPlease take care of your health.
Feel free and e-mail me.
Don't you have any trouble about real estate and construction in Japan? If you have any question for them ,call or e-mail us.
Thank you for e-mailing us, Mr Alfonso.
I told your wife,we will wait you in front of the house on Saturday March 14 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.Say hello to your family.
English website renewed
Our English website has been renewed. Please call us in case you can't open menu.